Booking information:

Q. What is your cancellation policy regarding Covid 19?

A. If you are unable to come for your booking due to a Covid related reason (i.e., Lockdown or showing symptoms) we will offer to transfer the booking to alternative dates.

Q. How is the best way to book?

A. The best way to book is through our online booking page which can be found here: Book with us

Site facilities

Q. Do you have Wifi?

A. We do have Wifi on site, we have a free Wifi hotspot by the facilities. We also sell Caraweb wifi which reaches 99% of the pitches, we do ask you to check your signal before you purchase the wifi, once it has been logged in to we are unable to refund the voucher.

Q.  Can you pick up TV reception on site?

A. You can pick up a TV signal on the top fields, unfortunately, we are unable to get caravans and large motorhomes into that area.

Q.Do you rent out fire baskets?

A. We do rent out fire baskets, we also sell fire wood and kindling

Q. Do you have chemical disposal?

​A. We have a chemical disposal point located at the main facilities, if it is a tank of just dishwater (not toilet related) we don’t mind you using that to water the trees and wild flowers.

Q. Is there a children’s play area on site?

​A. There isn’t a play area on site but there is an excellent playground just behind the pub, viewable from the pubs beer garden.

Campsite etiquette

Q. Is it ok for us to play music?

​A. We don’t mind you playing music quietly, as long as it doesn’t disturb other campers, we are a quiet site, so we do ask for no noise between 10pm and 8am.

Q. Do you allow campfires and BBQs?

​A. We do allow fire baskets and BBQs, we just ask that they are raised off the grass and wooden benches.

Q. Do you take dogs?

​A. We love dogs, there is no extra cost for dogs, they must be kept on leads at all times on site and cleaned up after.

Q. Is it ok for a friend or family member to visit whilst we are staying on site?

​A. You are welcome to have a visitor, but please make us aware before they arrive so we can direct you to a parking space for them as we are very limited on car parking.

Q. What are the quiet times on site?

​A. The quiet times are between 10pm and 8am, during this time we ask for no music that can be heard outside your tent/campervan/motorhome etc. we ask for all volumes to be kept to a minimum. No vehicle movement is permitted within these hours.

Q. Do you allow disposable BBQ’s?

​A. We do allow disposable BBQ’s, we ask that they are kept off the grass an benches. When finished with it please place in the metal container by the wheelie bins not on the floor or inside the wheelie bins.

Pitching Guidance

Q. Can we all be pitched together?

​A. We will always try to keep groups together (very rarely do we have a group we can’t keep together).

Q. Do you have a limit on vehicles per group?

​A. We allow for one vehicle per tent, If you have to bring more then one vehicle there is an addition charge of £5 per vehicle per night.

Q. Can I park my car by my tent?

​A. Most of our pitches you are able to park on (weather dependent), we do have a few small paddocks which you aren’t able to drive on but your car will only be the other side of a small hedge. These paddocks are designed for families with small children in mind.

Local amenities

Q. How far is it to the pub?

​A. The pub is a 5-10 min walk and 15min stagger back.

Q. Where are the nearest walks to the site?

​A. Lathkill Dale is a 2min walk from the entrance to the campsite, we are also a 5 min drive from the Tissington trail which also has cycle hire. 

Q. Is there a shop on site?

​A. No we do not have a shop on site nor in the village, there is a small petrol station/shop at Newhaven about 3 miles south of the village, we have a farm shop 1 mile west of the village. There is a 24hr Tesco express in Buxton 8 miles north and a Co-op in Bakewell 4 miles east.

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