Green Statement

This year the farm marks 30 years of countryside stewardship of one kind or another.

Miles of stone walls have been built protecting and preserving the patchwork of fields that belongs to the farm. Dozens of acres of wildflower hay-meadows have been preserved and protected.

We have also planted thousands of trees on the farm to help towards being carbon neutral in the coming years. Dewponds have been restored and protected to encourage wildlife and biodiversity.

On the campsite itself we have placed many nesting boxes, creating brush piles for the birds to nest and rewilding areas to attract birds and mammals back to the farm.

Much of this would not be possible but for the income from the campsite over the years. What was once an intensive dairy unit milking 100+ cows has now transformed into a nature friendly hill farm. The facilities are powered by solar power all helping to make us carbon neutral.


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